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Rp. 625.000,-

Detail (ID) :
Handbag dengan material anyaman serat agel dan kulit sapi. dengan model penutup ritsleting, lapisan dalam kain blacu komb saku sisi bersleting dan saku hp.
ukuran : 28.47.25 cm

Detail (EN):
Hand bag made of vegetable tanned leather and woven agel. Comes with detachable and adjustable leather long strap. Fully lined with cotton lining inside.

LUSEE products were made in originally handmade process. Most of the process were develop in small home industries and micro small enterprises. We provide woman of Yogyakarta a chance to get involved in a community by giving them a place to contribute economically for their families and for themselves as an individual.

Each product of LUSEE is made with care and Love. We use the best raw materials from lands of Indonesia, with extra attention on environmental friendliness. Our process is highly controlled to prevent any pollution and excessive waste to damage the environment
HWD : 28.47.25

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